Healing is available within our Church on Wednesdays, 12.00-1.30pm and after the evening service.  We also send out absent healing for those on the Healing List of the Church and our individual healers.  If you have a name or names you would like to add to our lists, please do . Then each of our team of healers will pray for you (or whoever you  may add to the list always with their permission, of course!) each evening during the healing hour beginning at 10pm.

  As people are generally aware, we have a healing list of names, which are read out in Church for our Healing Minute.  This is to allow the congregation to take part in the absent healing of all those mentioned.  By sending out their love, their prayers and their healing thoughts and energies to those in need, they are taking an active part in helping others.  However, we are finding that this list is getting longer and longer, so that it is taking quite a while to read out the names.  We are considering starting a new list from scratch at the beginning of every month, and the names already on the list will be transferred to the absent healing book in Church.  They will still receive absent healing when our Church healers do their absent healing prayers, but not from the healing minute in Church.  This does not mean that names cannot be put back on the list, so if you are concerned that a name (or names) has been removed, please speak to one of the Committee and this can be rectified.  We are more than willing to put the names back on the list if it is still considered necessary.  We trust you will understand the reasons for this.