We often feel upset in our Temple when we (Spiritualists) are placed under the same umbrella as the “occult”.   Occult suggests mysticism, darkness, concealment, etc.  We should like to clarify this misconception of what we are about.  To begin with, we work in the light, we are NOT mystical or concealing, and we are a RELIGION – ie we pray to God, our Father.  We are not to be confused with ouija boards, tarot cards or palm reading.  Our aim is to prove that life is eternal, that our friends and family who pass on have not disappeared forever, but are alive and well and living in a far better place than we are!  Our spirit lives forever, it can’t die.  It simply moves on.

People seem to think that because we are a “temple”, we are mystical.  No, friends, slightly different, perhaps – maybe happier than many, but very privileged!  We have the comfort of knowing there is nothing to fear.  We also know that God’s laws are perfect.  There is no ‘crime and punishment’, but only God’s natural law of cause and effect.  And it works so beautifully!  Whatever we do in this life – good, bad or indifferent – we get back tenfold.  How do you feel about that?  Food for thought?

We find we have a different agenda.  Think back on your life, friends, do you not see this law in action?  Have you done good and seen it rewarded?  Or have you been less than good and seen it come back to you?  We see it at work every day in our lives, and it gives us much to think about.

You see, we are a religion, a science and a way of life.  We try very hard to live according to what we believe, but we do not try to force our belief on others.  We respect the right of every individual to believe what he or she wishes.  After all, it is between you and your God what you choose to believe.

If you wish to find out for yourself what we are about, please feel free to visit our church/temple.  You will find a very warm welcome whatever your religious origins.  And if you are an agnostic we respect that, too.  It wouldn’t do for us all to be the same, would it?  For our part, though, we do embrace ALL religions.  After all, if we are all going to move ‘onward and upward’, there are going to be people from all faiths in the spirit world, so why would our religion not accept them, too?

It would be appropriate to mention that we are not at all like the shows on TV, which show spiritualism as entertainment, and mediums who try desperately to convince those who are simply there to embarrass them!  If you don’t believe what we believe, we feel sad for you, but will only try to convince you if you come searching for the right reasons and really WANT to be convinced.  We are not about converting people!  Who you are is entirely up to you, after all.