Our Services

SUNDAY:                3.00pm               DIVINE SERVICE

TUESDAY:              7.30pm              OPEN CIRCLE - £2  (pay on the door) Including a raffle ticket

WEDNESDAY        12pm-1.30pm   HEALING

                                  1.45pm              HAPPY HOUR  (OPEN CIRCLE)

WEDNESDAY         7.30pm             CLAIRVOYANCE SERVICE / HEALING AFTER THE EVENING SERVICE - £2  (pay on the door)

SPECIALS:             7.30pm-9pm     AS ANNOUNCED

Naming Services

Many people have asked about our Naming Services.  This is our equivalent of baptism.  It is a welcoming of children/adults into our Church.  In the same way as children are sometimes given a saintís name at baptism, so in our Church they are given a Spirit Name.  This is a special name given from the Spirit world Ė a name particularly appropriate to the person concerned.  It usually has a symbolic meaning, which would be mentioned and explained in the course of the Service.  There is also part of the Service where members of the congregation are invited to give a single flower to the child/adult being named.  This is symbolic of the fact that in our Church we are looked on as the human flowers in Godís garden. 

Other Services

we are licensed for Weddings and we carry out Funeral Services, Crematorium services and Blessings.  We have a list of charges available